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by Eeden Shale

by Eeden Shaleby Eeden Shale

Policies & Disclaimers

  • I am a certified energy work practitioner (RMT), as well as in Mental Health Awareness. I am not a therapist nor psychiatrist, do not diagnose clients nor will decide usage of medications. However, I can give recommendations for any services that my practice doesn’t cover.
  • There is a firm no refund policy for deposits or services. Cancellations cannot be reimbursed, but may be rescheduled. Upon scheduling, you assume responsibility for the purchase of services under these terms.
  • You are always accountable for your own healing, it is a choice to come to me for guidance & assistance on your process. I cannot do the work for you. It is my role to help along the way & am not liable for dissatisfaction.
  • My offerings, teachings, & beliefs are not necessarily correlated by default, to that of the external pages or persons I may share. If I share a reference, it does not equate that my contributions are entirely the same. What I produce is an individual entity. 
  • All artwork, music, content & creations on this site are mine unless otherwise stated. Please give credit when referring to my practices or workings. Thank you.

Constitution of Consent Revocation

A Writing of Etheric Protection

“By my decree, I draw my definite boundary against deceptive intrusion across all alignments of dimension, to any degree. Astral, physical, mental, etheric, parallel, beyond the space-time continuum as well as within. Any dissonant or deceitful energies are expelled from my being, space & creations. All agreements of trickery or siphoning are hereby signed null, by my word & Free Will. Ensnarements, gaslighting, employments of abuse or torture, stalking, monitoring, captivities, attempts to constrain, misinterpretations, maneuvering, hexing, handling, thievery, doxxing, misleadings, or lures upon my being on every level are disqualified & disquantified in completion. No injury shall come to me by definition of this decree, for any violators will instead bring their ill will upon themselves in multiplicity. Through inter-dimension, inter-planetary & inter-time systems, I revoke in totality any application of exploitation towards my multi-faceted presence. This includes, but is not limited to: my body, mental health, emotional state, spiritual origin, soul purpose, home, location at any given time, place of employment as well as all doctrines or extensions of my creation, promotion, financial exchange, relations, plane perception or miscellaneous interplay with all of existence. Any overlays applied to all which this Constitution covers without my explicit consent, are now removed & unveiled. Projections sent towards myself or works that are not in proper alignment with my true intent, presence & product are hereby not receive, & returned to sender. 

I reconstitute my presence through the avatar levels of consciousness & across all timespaces of conception, all origins included. May these energies invest in my highest personal progression for peak collective contribution. My loyalty & faith cannot be mislead into externalities which are not also equally, harmlessly, rightfully, integrated into my human design via angelic activation. This calls upon my expression of Self to permeate my actions, will & word for reclaiming authentic harmony.

No longer do I operate in a loop cycle programming, whether learned or imparted. Absorption of karmic miasma is released & transmuted comprehensively, followed by the density’s dispersion. This hereby enacts a continuum of constantly evolving expansion of myself, my projects, & all involved. These declarations serve to keep me accountable in my process, as well as draw boundaries for the energies which may or may not interact with me. Reality is intertwined, & this constitution entitles me to choose what is closest in my web, purifying the output placed here or onward.

I revoke all entrapments of imprinting, templating, complexes, or hijackings which attempt or have attempted to assert dominance over my prime directive. I do not consent to interference by artificial intelligence or any forms of brainwashing or memory alteration by any party across all dimensions, space & time. Any violations of birthright choice are not welcome in my psyche, practice nor place. All energetic or physical impediments placed which defy the dignity & integrity of this mission & incarnation are henceforth extinguished. This is my responsibility to maintain, only I possess the rights to dictate these defining signatures or mold them into materialization. This decree is permanent in nature & cannot be changed nor revised without my full (conscious on all levels), unwavering consent in the form of contract, statement, vocal confirmation & sign off, in graphite, on paper. Deemed final by quote, the decision to deny constraining contracts on all mass, linearity, or lack thereof across any reality structure or fractal. Consent is given in grace for genuine & specific defense from intrusive content upon any listed levels. Extensions towards my energy anything less than honoring are expelled of entirely. Parties or artificial intelligences deployed to dismantle, infect or infiltrate my Creation space, generated creations, conceptualizations, or awareness are denied access absolutely. If one tries anyway, their intent will be transposed instead to their own subjective experience. I will not assimilate false light, negative imprinting, faulty templating, ensnarements, malicious agendas, ignorance campaigns, mind control, information manipulation, or untruthful grids & beliefs.

I do not consent to: modifications of my memory by technology or gaslighting, alterations of my genes by sinister or overt means, mental rewiring on behalf of anything out of mission alignment, implanting, fuse-fracture bonding, abuse apologism, Annunaki-bred distortion, cellular dissonance, hybridization, toying rituals, eugenics initiatives, targeted muting or extermination. This declaration is an opposition of oppression & non-accountable negligence of Spirit embodiment. In accordance with the full free will & choice-based cooperative, this Constitution is declared Law. My Cooperative is defined by the insight of such Law to not impede in my process or protections as a claimant, while participating in Universally harmonized Kinship. Choice to opt in with this value is liable to each individual, their choices are therefore implied to their own respective position, responsibility & impact assumed. I am sequentially encompassed in safe, sovereign sojourn around all which does not operate by Law - group or independent. The resonance of primary purpose precedes the disregard of natural order.

In the ever-encompassing Now, I claim my position as a Creator experiencing Earthen environment, & utilize the available resources combined with incantation to make unobstructed Creator consciousness available to all eligible. This & the above includes protection of personal, professional, pastoral, digital, sentimental, hormonal, physiological, past life, ancestral, elemental relations or all which apply & is confirmed across all continuums.

So It Is.”

May this Declaration serve as an honoring of my integrity as a person, an online presence, & business practice. Please take liberty to replicate it if it resonates with you along with accreditation to my Work. I encourage you to write or speak this incantation for its full effect, though curating your own version will be the most potent for personal use - consent is explicitly individual!

With love & warmth,

Eeden xx