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by Eeden Shale

Policies & Disclaimers

  • I am a certified Reiki practitioner & Master Teacher. I am not a therapist nor psychiatrist, do not diagnose clients nor will decide usage of medications.
  • No refunds for deposits or services. Cancellations cannot be reimbursed, but may be rescheduled.
  • You are always responsible for your own healing, it is a choice to come to me for guidance & assistance on your process. I cannot do the work for you. It is my role to help along the way & am not liable for dissatisfaction.
  • My offerings, teachings, & beliefs are not necessarily correlated by default, to that of the external pages or persons I may share. If I share a reference, it does not equate that my contributions are entirely the same. What I produce is an individual entity. 
  • All artwork, music, content & creations on this site are mine unless otherwise stated. Please give credit when referring to my practices or workings. Thank you.

Declaration of Non-Consent for Interferance

A Writing of Etheric Protection by Eve Lorgen, M.A., CHt

“Let it be known, I do not consent to any agreement of entrapment that bears intention to deceive, misinform, manipulate, exploit, control, steal, harvest, seduce, harm or negatively influence my being, in mind, soul, spirit, body and physical place of habitation, business, website or published works in any way across all levels, dimensions and time, whether they are fabricated linear or synthetic creations or times on all levels and dimensions.

Through my not consenting, I intend protection from harm and maintain neutrality, so that my presence of being honors Truth, compassion, wisdom, harmony, healing, constant awakening and life, so as to not be trapped, to the best of my ability in every situation.

I do not consent to false limiting beliefs or false soul “programs” driving my body and consciousness, but rather my highest Spirit’s truth within without limitation as a Creator as integrated mind, soul and spirit of original Primordial consciousness.

 Let it be known that by my choice to NOT CONSENT to any agreement of entrapment on any level, on all levels, across all dimensions and for all time, it is in effect now and forevermore. 

I hold that such is true and in effect, that any such agreement of entrapment, deception, and harmful intention, now be DEEMED null and void based on the intention of its creator to harm and not honor my life, my sovereign being and free will.

 No singular or collective entity, or artificial intelligence is under any circumstances given permission (of malintent) to enter my Universe, life, dimensions, levels or time. If there are such attempts to ignore the LAW, they are responsible for one thousand times the consequences of that breach in self-destruction—and are fully legally responsible for their choices. The choice given is to not interfere or accept the consequences as stated. Should you choose to override our LAW, knowing the full terms and conditions stated, I in no way can be held responsible or harmed for any choice that breaches my LAW on any level, on all dimensions across all times and future cycles of time. I claim the Law and I Am the Law. I forbid any singular or collective entities to attempt to breach my Law and Not Consent to my LAW, and therefore am protected from entering any Game, or ANY and ALL Games set out to ensnare me out of my own SOVEREIGN BEING. They will bring upon themselves their own intention in harm.


May this Declaration serve as an honoring of my integrity as a person, an online presence, & business practice. Thank you to Eve Lorgen - the rightful author of this Declaration - for your contributions to the consciousness community. I highly recommend her workings, if you would like to look into it directly, click HERE