Uniting Artistry, Activism, & Esoterica

by Eeden Shale

Workshops + Groups

Prophecy Canvas holds classes & intensives for individuals or spaces seeking to dive into healing arts on a comprehensive basis. They’re probably one of my favorite ways to show up for community, + share the love! Learn more about specialty classes below, find new events at the tab, or email me if you’d like to host one of my workshops.


Art With Intent

For brand new + seasoned artists alike, a class to intentfully tune our natural creative forces.

So what is Art With Intent, exactly?

It’s utilizing creative expression to be present with our full range of emotions, to break down inner barriers, evoke catharsis + release.

This system brings forth the innate channeling abilities in all beings, holding space for participants to explore + experiment. Methods of meditation + sensory meridian response lift us to a state of consciousness where we develop a relationship to the Canvas. In this, we call upon our innate instinct to connect with our surroundings purely + cohesively. 

The act of setting forth a purpose unto the pariete (canvas)  + experience builds a foundation for what is created to carry not only meaning, but a potent energetic transference into the piece. In class, we take  steps to deepen into our emotional + astral bodies for any clarity that must come through to do so, in safe creative containment. This is extremely therapeutic for many, a tool for healing, fun, spiritual journeying, inner child work, or self reflection that can be adapted to any individual‘s genuine desire to play.

Available as a group workshop, or private 1:1 instruction.

Energetic Education Courses

I hold both group classes & private instruction. Please check events for groups or email me for a one-on-one lesson. Thank you!

Yin Circles

Inclusive Red Tent Healing Groups


These gatherings are ritual studies, open to are female-identified, non binary, trans & gender fluid or queer that wish to deepen their understandings of this force of nature that every person holds. Often facilitated by the cycles of the moon, we focus on the yin principle of creation & how we each embody it, as well as ways to further connect. Complimentary healings or art groups are often part of a ceremony, as we show up in a safe space to express ourselves collectively.

What is Yin?

In Chinese Philosophy, Yin is seen as the dark, cold, passive, heart-based energy we all possess that compliments its opposite Yang. An often-forgotten or underestimated flow of life in our Westernized society, together we will be learning a deeper awareness of our inherent inner Yin empowerment. We rise as a collective, with our unified magick in-hand; here we see showing up to study our soft & sovereign strength as a radical act of societal rebellion.

What does Red Tent mean?

A Red Tent setting is a safe space to process, connect, & come as you are. The color red connects to our blood, our vitality, & our livelihood - it is the essence of humanity’s lineage in whole. Here we gather to honor our part as a piece of the great web of life, creating solace for each person’s uniqueness in vulnerability & affirmation.

Details on Joining or Hosting

If you would like to come to a Red Tent, please see the events calendar! They are frequently on a new or full moon, but it depends on the month. Should you want us to host one at your space, we do travel, so send an e-mail!