Uniting Artistry, Healing, Activism, & Esoterics

by Eeden Shale

  Deeply & dearly, I believe we can cultivate grounds of empowerment between all forms of art, quantum healing, surviving abuse, & witchcraft. An intense intersection, but my own hand-picked allies of personal experience - combining our talents & nature to emerge from struggle is truly a stronghold of interpersonal ascension.


   Maybe you’re looking for a logo with some intentional sigil magick to draw extra traffic, or tarot readings for some grounded guidance, means to find support through mentorship in your spiritual & recovery practices, or want to better understand yourself with a Human Design analysis. Be it any of these instances or more, I’ve got you covered. Let’s make something magnificent, or dive farther into self discovery together!

About E E D E N

⊰ Background ⊱


After studies in metaphysics, studio art & psychology, I went on to pursue professional tattooing as a form of alternative medicine. This focus brought my attention to major blocks in the creative expression of the collective unconscious, as well as the resolution of deep-seeded trauma through artistic means & quantum healing. Such a breakthrough, I cultivated through my own experiences with life challenges such as surviving sexual assault - sharing these insights with others is my purpose.

⊰ Passion ⊱


Ultimately, my cause & creations are driven by a desire of self-empowerment to express catharsis, with confidence. This unfurls in my music, personal practice, art of all kinds, & overall presence. I had once known a life of repression - now that I’ve learned what it is to rise above, I intend to carry that essence into everything I do.

⊰ Message ⊱


Today, I am a practicing Red Tent Priestess, quantum healer, instructor, & well-rounded creator. All of these skills come forth to contribute in my role as an “artist-practitioner,” an archetype of the maestro who holds spiritual containment for transformation. This is the definition of healing arts: the process of using creativity to break down inner walls, release emotion, + resolve wounds.

About the P R A C T I C E

⊰ Adaptable to the Individual ⊱


Everyone embodies a different form of evoking or expressing themselves: their own set of ideas, codes, & values. How I show up for you always has room for reasonable accommodation. So if you’re curious if an adaptation is possible, just ask! The nature of healing, is its uniqueness to each person.

⊰ Trauma-Informed Healing ⊱


The entire basis of what I do, lies on a foundation of fighting for survivors. In any caliber of traumatic experience, my practice holds space for privacy, patience & compassion on the journey to unwind it. Simply put: I am here for you.

⊰ An Inclusive Approach ⊱


Every fiber in my being is committed to forging a fresh path for healing arts, encouraging those seeking help or change. I believe that creative healing can be means for anyone & everyone, to connect with & uplift themselves. That said, I offer Sliding Scale* services to see that structures which oppress, do not block struggling folks from much-needed resources. I will always present a queer & trans-affirming, culturally-considerate, integral practice. 

About the A R T

⊰ Radical Rebellion ⊱


In the eyes of Prophecy Canvas, art is more than rejuvinating for the soul. It is political, it is unabashedly loud, & it is heard with intensity. Being a producer rather than a user, has always been this way throughout culture. In a world where we witness horrifying happenings in our governments’ atmosphere, to ravishing moments of rapture...I often find myself exercising my voice through my hands.

⊰ Inviting Inspiration ⊱


The blank page, uncapped pen, and a single light illuminating the field of material waiting to come to life. This can be a daunting moment for many. I believe in tapping into our own divinity - our sense of connectivity to wherever it is that we came from - as a Source to access inspired flow. Primeval wisdom, intuition, clarity & creativity all come from the same place. Simply by being human, we have the ability to channel it! We have been doing it since we emerged from the birth canal (probably before, too), consciously or not. Through my work, I aspire to model a process of deconstructing the conditioning which blocks creativity, a technique which I also teach.

⊰ Living Color ⊱


Have you ever seen a piece of art, & let it move through you in a way that made you feel understood? This, dear one, is resonance. It’s not only the effective factor of my practice with Resonance Reiki, but the reason why solidarity in creativity is so comforting. We, beings made of vibrating frequencies, are bound to feel a particular gravity for what we resonate with. I make my pieces with the directive to bring out this conceptual weight - playing with color & pattern to journey throughout emotional landscapes.

⫷ Collaborative Partners ⫸