c r e a t e to l i b e r a t e

by Eeden Shale

by Eeden Shaleby Eeden Shale

   ”Eeden is such a warm and inviting soul. As soon as I met them I felt safer, and knew that this was the place and time to do what needs to be done.
  I was vibrating with nervous energy and after getting my cards read, so thoroughly, I felt like they had a solid understanding of where I was at mentally. Eeden took the time to ask the right questions and listen as it all came pouring out of me. Giant, earth shaking things had just happened in my life and I was fortunate enough to find another artist whose style, specifically the light language they’ve been developing, really spoke to me. If THAT wasn't enough, after looking at a book of designs, they showed me their light language and I LOST IT. It was perfect. Perfect in the most grounded, altruistic way. Any and all time spent supporting this artist is for your own good and the betterment of the community they’re so selflessly supporting.”

- MF, she/they

A woman with a deep brown skin tone sits meditating, holding tea. Above, it says "Peace Keeper."

Ad•vo•ca•cy Arts 

/ˈadvəkəsē ärts/ (plural noun) 

   the process of evoking support through expression to expand consciousness, endorse humanity & resolve wounds.

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Reclaiming Samhain as Sacred

Reclaiming Samhain as Sacred by Eeden

Released as a companion to my article “Reclaiming Samhain as Sacred: Pagan Culture + Body Art,” this EP of meditation songs have been used as backing for my educational videos. They’re now up on Bandcamp, listed as Pay What You Wish. Enjoy!